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Séminaire d’animation scientifique interdisciplinaire portée par l’antenne montpelliéraine de NSS-Dialogues

mardi 29 octobre 2019, par Kenza Meramria

Le pastoralisme sahélien à l’agenda politique : opportunité ou risque pour la recherche et le développement dans les milieux arides ?

Date et lieu :
Salle Badiane (rez-de-chaussée)
Agropolis International,
1000, avenue Agropolis

Le mardi 29 octobre de 15:00 à 18:00

Déroulé de la session :
- Introduction
Véronique Ancey, Socio-économiste et pastoraliste, Cirad, FAO

- Exposé
Saverio Krätli, Chercheur pastoraliste indépendant, Editeur en chef de la revue Nomadic People

At home in the ‘in-between’. Pastoralism as a vantage point for the reflection on variability,
The theory of pastoral development has undergone a U-turn during the last 30 years, but the methodological infrastructure was never updated, leaving researchers and policy-makers alike with a problematic legacy of tools and data sets generated from inappropriate assumptions. The theoretical framework itself is now seeing a wave of ‘restoration’. A new mass of attention to ‘pastoralism’ is bringing a mushrooming of ad hoc simplifications and uncritical use of the problematic legacy : the need to map the methodological shortcomings and build consensus at least on minimal foundations is greater than ever. It is necessary to move beyond the representation of complexity and simplification as antagonistic (the ‘in-reality-things-are-more-complex’ mode), and reclaim simplification from politics/lobbying, back into the realm of science and as a structured cognitive space. The study of pastoral systems can be a vantage point in the wide front of reflection within science in the face of globally growing variability/uncertainty ; the ‘more science vs different science’ debate ; the ‘blink’ from seeing a world of linear causality, states and things, to seeing circularity, processes and relationships.

- Discussion
Introduite par Eric Vall (UMR SELMET, Cirad, Montpellier) et Arielle Vidal (doctorante, UMR SELMET)

Organisation :
Antenne montpelliéraine de NSS-Dialogues
Porteurs de séance :
B. Hubert (INRA/EHESS), V. Ancey (FAO/CIRAD), S. Magnani (IRAM)
Contact :

- En savoir plus sur cette séance, cliquer ici.

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